Going east

The bull. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 cm

Happy New Year!

I started the new year with a new painting. I did not know what to call it, but I landed on The Bull. Something strong. I think it is because the dark image on the right reminds me of the head of a bull. When a new year starts there are many possibilities. Many things to consider. In what direction should my painting go? Should I try something new? Should I stick to the «old» way of doing things?

Last year, which is only a week away, I had started on fixing old paintings. I realized there were things I could do to improve them, but it also felt challenging in a way. But now I have to leave it for at least a month, because I have left home.

My husbond and I have gone East for a while. Thailand for the next month.

Part of the long beach in Cha-Am.
Part of our rented house
The rest of the house with the pool

Outdoor studio

It is so nice to come here to sunshine and warm weather, and leave the darkness and cold winter behind.

Since I have left most of my painting gear ar home, I will set up a small studio corner outside here. I brought with me some paint tubes and a few boards to paint on, so maybe there will be some art made here too. I will show you as I go along.

There is not much art to see around here in this little town, but on the beach some students have made art of waste. It is nice to see that they care for the environment here too.

The Whale, art made of waste
The tail part of the whale. Lots of empty bottles
Decorated bus on the shore

This is the local art here at the moment. The busses come down from Bangkok every weekend loaded with young people who love to stay on the beach, eat and have fun.The busses are often decorated more fancy than this one.

Yesterday we went to find some utensils for the house, and this shop along the street has everything you may not want, or may want. Colourful, anyway. And colourful is also this little street we passed on the way to have a massage. As you can see, the prices are not like back home. 300 Bath is approximately NOK 100. For an hour! And the last picture is my little outdoor studio.

Here you can find all you don't want, and more.
Fancy colors on the houses here in Cha-am
My outdoor studio
Prices for spa treatments

That’s it for today. Now we are going out to join a group of Norwegians for some quiz and something to eat. We have been here several years now, and this is a nice way to have a meal and spend the night and chat about all we do and don’t know. Great fun.


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