Yes, your Majesty. Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 130 cm.

Welcome to a pop up show of paintings and photography! 

My friend Linda is moving out of her apartment, and Saturday and Sunday it will be completely empty. However, she got the bright idea of turning it into a gallery for a few days! And so it will be. Linda Skogen, myself and my son Kristian Jøraandstad, a very talented photographer (Not because he is my son!) will show recent artworks.

Saturday the 10th from 2pm – 4pm  and Sunday the 11th of October from 1pm – 4pm. Sale off the wall. The address is: Gabelsgate 1B, Skillebekk, Oslo, 4th floor.

The painting above is one of mine, called «Yes, your Majesty», Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 130 cm and will be on the wall at the show. Below are Linda’s and Kristian’s artworks. And there will be many more works of very high quality.



"Longing", acrylic on canvas, 75 x 125 cm, by Linda Skogen
One of Kristian's photos, The Split.


This summer and fall has been very spesial for me. Why?? Because I have been waiting. Waiting for the next surgery and to return to a «normal» body with normal body functions. But during the wait I have had good days in spite of corona. I have spent time in the mountains at Røros and our paradise there, exhibiting paintings in a stable and going grouse hunting in September. And I have been able to paint a little too.

And due to corona I decided not to run the painting courses I normally have in the fall. So sad not to see my students and see them thrive at the easel. Hopefully we can carry on next year.

But on the 23rd of September I finally had my second surgery. I had been longing for this. The surgery went very well, the doctor told me. However it will take some time to be back to normal, so I have to be patient.

In the meantime I am preparing some of the paintings I will show at the pop up show. Before I have only finished the surface of the painting with a satin medium, but now I have learned something new. From Pamela Caughey at Art & Success. First I cover the painting with Pouring medium and leave it to dry over night. When it is dry, I go over it with very fine steel wool, 0000, to take the shine off.

Below I will show you the process.

This is pouring medium, bought at KEM.
Here I have poured some of the medium on the painting
I use this kind of sponge to spread the medium on the painting
The medium looks milky when it is wet, but dries to a shiny surface.

After using the steel wool, the next step is to cover the painting with cold wax. Just rub it in and let it dry over night. When it is dry, you buff it with a soft cloth, and you will get a beautiful surface on your painting. Cold wax is also possible to get at KEM.

My last blog was posted 27th of July, but unfortunately I think many of you did not get the information that it was posted. Take a look at it now, there are most of the painting I did this summer.

Below is the newest I have finished.

And I hope to see some of you at the pop up show next weekend. Stay  safe!

"Life is good". Acrylic on canvas board, 51 x 61 cm