Coming home from Thailand in mid February, to a city almost dressed for spring, the news of the covid.19-virus was not something that bothered me. I did not think it would be very dangerous, especially not here in Norway. Obviously I was wrong. The virus is spreading quickly. And almost all countries have put very hard actions in to effect. Countries are almost closed, airlines grounded, people in curfew. It is really a very alarming situation.

But life has to go on. We can not stop all activities, even if we have to do it from home. I am so fortunate that I have a studio, where I can paint and do creative things. Unfortunately I had to postpone my painting courses yesterday; the two last lessons have to be continued after Easter. Let’s hope our strict rules may be over by then.

This is the poster for my exhibition in Sandbekkstua now in March.

For a year and a half I have been preparing for an exhibition in the very nice gallery at Sandbekkstua, run by Rælingen Kunstforening. It was first to be in September 2020, but I was asked if I could change to March in stead. I agreed, and the opening was set to 7th of March. It was quite short time after the return from Thailand, but I thought I would manage. There is actually quite a lot of work putting together an exhibition. Which paintings? What style? As I paint both figuratively and non-figuratively I have to decide how many of each style to show. How many artworks can I show there?How to hang them, and so on.

I have both watercolours, graphic prints, drawings and paintings, so I have to make a selection. But I have had many exhibitions before in many different galleries, so I have some experience in this field. The art society is very professional, so they provided me with a good picture of the walls in the gallery with measurements, and thus I was able to plan the hanging before I came there. And the assistants from the art society were also professional, – they assisted me very well. It turned out very nicely.

Me at the opening. Foto: Geir Hareide Anderen
Ranveig Huse sings jazz at the opening.
Some of the paintings in one of the rooms in this cosy, old timber cabin.
Another corner with a painting and prints.


A blue corner.
Beautiful flowers from my dear Tore.
A glass of bubbles when I got home.


Just after the opning, the covid.19-virus caused the exhibition to close. This was of course a sad decision for me, and also for the art society. But they have come up with a new solution; now you can see and buy the paintings online! Great work and turn around in a difficult situation. Here is the link to the website: or just where you can see some great photos of the very cosy old timber cabin.

Back in the studio

With all the commotion about the covid.19-virus, I had to cancel my painting classes for the coming two weeks. It is sad, but I will try to continue after Easter. I want my students to get what they have paid for.

I had also planned a free course with art therapy, as part of a week of art therapy introductions, it was supposed to be last Saturday and Sunday, but the too had to be cancelled. I will repeat it in the autumn some time.

I have been working on a new painting the last few days. It started with a canvas on the wall with black and white demonstrations I made for my students. Then I wanted to go on and put some colours on. It took some paint to cover the black and white,  and I realised I was doing what I am telling my students not to do; filling forms that are there from before. When I looked at it, I saw it had too many shapes, so I had to change that.

I will here show you what it looked like in the beginning. It is still in progress, but I will tell you how I work.

A good way to see if the colour balance is OK, is to turn the picture into black/white.
Now I have moved it to a wall with better surface. I have put on more colour, and I still think there are too many different shapes and too many with the same size.
In bl/wh I see that many of the small shapes turn into midtones, and to get the value plan the way I want, I need to change the dark tones.

In order to see this as I work, I use my Iphone and take pictures and turn them into black and white. And in order to document how I work, I print out some of the images and put them into my workbook, along with my comments and considerations.

From the first stages with my comments and what to do next.
The work book the next day. And my considerations.

There are many more steps to go. These first stages were play mode. Then I have to find what I like and what I don’t like and go on from there. I wonder what it will look like when I can call it finished. A non-figurative painting is not made in a jiffy. There are som many stages and considerations about colour, value and design that have to be made. It takes time, and it should.