Welcome to my blog


In this blog I will write about my art, exhibitions, other people’s art, how I work with my paintings and what happens in my studio.

When I started to paint with acrylic, many years back, the paintings were mostly abstract. As time went by they became more and more figurative with clear motifs, motifs that arose out of a chaos of colors and many layers of paint and glazings, building structures and searching for images. When I spotted an image, I kept on fantasizing and made a story of the forms that I saw in the picture.

Here are a few examples, and many more you can see in my Gallery.

Back in town

Summer is over And I am back in my studio. This feels very good. I have all my things and materials at hand and the creative spirit is in the walls. Now I am preparing for the coming painting courses, and I look very much forward to have my students here and help them progress [...]


...and the living is easy,... This morning we were woken by sheep bells. Outside our cabin was a lot of sheep shepered by a large reindeer! Wow, what a sight. If you enlarge the picture, you will see them more clearly. It is summer holiday, and my husband and I are at our old cabin [...]

Inspiration, art critique and correction

Many stages in a painting. Surfing on the internet and in the Youtube world can be very inspiring. Here you can find instructional videos of all kinds and for all levels. As you may know I have been and still am a fan of Nicholas Wilton and his Art2Life. But in my surfing, I found [...]

Green – green – green

Green is a challenge Summer started already in April with warm and sunny days. Then May came with cold and wet days. But the nature exploded in all kind of greens. From the very pale green to the reddish green, and to the rich and full green. My husbond loves the green in the summer [...]

Kom mai du skjønne milde,….Early summer!

This time my blog post will be in Norwegian. I am going to talk about some local topics. If you don't understand Norwegian, you can still enjoy the pictures. At the bottom of this blog post I have made a short summary of the Norwegian text about the paintings. Christianus Sextus Som mange vet har [...]

Easter holiday coming up

Where will it end? What will I do next? The picture above is the first marks I did on my newest painting. It is on canvas, and 60 x 60 cm. This is a very expressive start, and I see that I often start with yellow and red. Why? Maybe because these colours give me [...]

Spring – new horizons

Spring is here - at least in the southern part of Norway. Yesterday I walked by the sea and felt the sun warm my face. The nature is awakening, and the forest is full of blåveis. Spring is also when my painting classes are finished and the students go off to practise what they have [...]

Critique and improvement?

Playtime continues My students really enjoyed the playtime session we had last time, and here is the result of the week's leftover paint. Next time it will for sure be different. Critique - good or bad? Here in Oslo the new (Edv.) Munch Museum is being built. Lambda, as it is called, is stretching towards [...]


The painting above is a result of my students getting rid of the paint that is left on their palettes when the lesson is over for the day. This is a way of playing where they let go and don't worry about the result. It seems it is hard for them to play on their [...]

Home again

What a change! From 30 degrees in the air and in the sea, to snowy winter with 10 below. (-10 degrees C.) But the sun came and made the Norwegian scenery beautiful. The most difficult thing was the jetlag. But in a week's time I am back to normal. Art Critique Last fall I asked [...]