Welcome to my blog


In this blog I will write about my art, exhibitions, other people’s art, how I work with my paintings and what happens in my studio.

When I started to paint with acrylic, many years back, the paintings were mostly abstract. As time went by they became more and more figurative with clear motifs, motifs that arose out of a chaos of colors and many layers of paint and glazings, building structures and searching for images. When I spotted an image, I kept on fantasizing and made a story of the forms that I saw in the picture.

Here are a few examples, and many more you can see in my Gallery.

Pop up show coming up!

Welcome to a pop up show of paintings and photography!  My friend Linda is moving out of her apartment, and Saturday and Sunday it will be completely empty. However, she got the bright idea of turning it into a gallery for a few days! And so it will be. Linda Skogen, myself and my son [...]

Summer 2020

Life goes on The summer has been different this year, mostly because of the pandemic, but also because of my situation. I have managed to gain my strength again and to paint again. Now I have moved myself and my husband to our little place in the mountains, - here there is peace and quiet. [...]

Something came up

LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES First came corona, then came the closing of my exhibition and my paintings courses, and them came cancer. Yes, the day after I posted the previous blogpost, I was diagnosed with cancer. And yes, it was a shock. I thought I was finished with cancer after my breast cancer 11 [...]

Art and corona

Coming home from Thailand in mid February, to a city almost dressed for spring, the news of the covid.19-virus was not something that bothered me. I did not think it would be very dangerous, especially not here in Norway. Obviously I was wrong. The virus is spreading quickly. And almost all countries have put very [...]

Change of scenery

When January comes, Tore and I travel east in order to shorten the winter. Our stop the last 7-8 years has been Thailand, and the little town of Cha-Am. Now we have been here already for two weeks, and we will stay for another two. This year I have not brought any painting material, ok, [...]

A new Year – 2020

As 2019 is coming to an end, it is time to look back on the year we are leaving behind. Actually we are leaving a decade, but that will be too much to go into here. For me this year started with three wonderful weeks in Thailand, where I collected new strength and vitamins from [...]

Exhibition in my studio

Coming home from the cruise, the colours still linger on in me. And the feeling of the azur blue sea.This is a painting from some years back, but it was too dark, and on my return I just had to make it sing and give the feeling of the deep blue sea. It felt so [...]

Pastel colours in The Caribbean

My love, Tore, gave me the most wonderful birthday present this year, - a cruise in the Caribbean. We were to visit 7 islands! It had been on my wish list for a long time, and now that I had reached the age of 75, he meant it was the right present to give. And [...]

The Twist – a bridge – a gallery – a new icon

An hour and a half by car outside Oslo, there is a museum and gallery called Kistefos. It was originally a wood pulp mill, but has now been turned into a place for art and sculptures along with the museum for the old industry. They are famous for their sculpture garden, and has over 40 [...]

Back in town

Summer is over And I am back in my studio. This feels very good. I have all my things and materials at hand and the creative spirit is in the walls. Now I am preparing for the coming painting courses, and I look very much forward to have my students here and help them progress [...]