Welcome to my blog


In this blog I will write about my art, exhibitions, other people’s art, how I work with my paintings and what happens in my studio.

When I started to paint with acrylic, many years back, the paintings were mostly abstract. As time went by they became more and more figurative with clear motifs, motifs that arose out of a chaos of colors and many layers of paint and glazings, building structures and searching for images. When I spotted an image, I kept on fantasizing and made a story of the forms that I saw in the picture.

Here are a few examples, and many more you can see in my Gallery.

Critique and improvement?

Playtime continues My students really enjoyed the playtime session we had last time, and here is the result of the week's leftover paint. Next time it will for sure be different. Critique - good or bad? Here in Oslo the new (Edv.) Munch Museum is being built. Lambda, as it is called, is stretching towards [...]


The painting above is a result of my students getting rid of the paint that is left on their palettes when the lesson is over for the day. This is a way of playing where they let go and don't worry about the result. It seems it is hard for them to play on their [...]

Home again

What a change! From 30 degrees in the air and in the sea, to snowy winter with 10 below. (-10 degrees C.) But the sun came and made the Norwegian scenery beautiful. The most difficult thing was the jetlag. But in a week's time I am back to normal. Art Critique Last fall I asked [...]

Many impressions

Cha-am market So here is a carousel of pictures (I am very proud that I managed to make this) from the local market. Every Wednesday there is this market where everybody gather to eat and chat and shop. All sorts of food, clothes, gadgets, hardware and software, even grilled grasshoppers, larvae, live birds and dogs. [...]

Going east

Happy New Year! I started the new year with a new painting. I did not know what to call it, but I landed on The Bull. Something strong. I think it is because the dark image on the right reminds me of the head of a bull. When a new year starts there are many [...]

Christmas greetings

Christmas is full of bright colours; flowers, presents, Christmas cards, candles, Santa Claus and Christmas trees.     In a few days Christmas is here with all the joy and expectations, family gatherings, good food and drinks, Christmas trees and presents. You probably have no time to paint or even think about it, but maybe [...]

Work in the studio

The last week I have been busy in my studio. Here you see it while I work. I work on many paintings at the same time. I have been working on old paintings, refreshing them, hopefully to the better, and also on new ones. The painting on the easel, with the girl, has now been [...]

New design on my website

I hope you like it. Now it should be easier for English readers to move around too. And I would like to point out that many of the paintings are for sale. Just let me know if you are interested. Take a look here: Leftover paint In my last blogpost I showed you pictures [...]

What dreams are made of

Dreaming of dreams As I told you in my last blogpost, I had this wonderful experience of being picked for the World Tour with the Art2Life Academy and Nicholas Wilton and his team. During this interview, Susan Melrath asked me if the motifs on my paintings came from a dream. This particular painting did not, [...]

På nett – worldwide

Jeg ble utvalgt! Ja, det er sant. Jeg ble valgt ut av hundrevis av kunstnere fra hele verden til å bli intervjuet og å få vise bildene mine på en verdensomspennende internettfest. Arrangøren var Art2Life Academy og Nicholas Wilton og hans team. Som nevnt før, er jeg medlem av Art2Life Academy, noe jeg ble etter [...]