Morning visitors. Sheep and a reindeer

…and the living is easy,…

This morning we were woken by sheep bells. Outside our cabin was a lot of sheep shepered by a large reindeer! Wow, what a sight. If you enlarge the picture, you will see them more clearly.

It is summer holiday, and my husband and I are at our old cabin in the mountains. Close to the world heritage city of Røros. We live in the middle of the wilderness, far from city life and cars. Sheep are normal in the mountains, but a reindeer amongst them, is not usual. And the other day I saw another animal which is not normal up here; a blackbird! Ordinary thrush is normal, but not the black one. I managed to get a picture of it.

Blackbird (svarttrost) just outside!

I thought I would share with you some of my holiday paradise here in the mountains. The weather can be challenging, but so far I can’t complain. Lots of sun, but also lots of strong wind. And some mosquitos.

Me outside the cabin enjoying the sun
The barn and the food shed in the background
The brook where we get our water.


If you are a painter there are lots of things around that can inspire. Beautiful scenery, colours, old buildings and flowers to mention something. One of the days we had a nice visit from some friends, and I showed them around on an old mining site. This is a mine from around 1600 – 1700 and it sits actually on our land. There are ruins and slag heaps with lots of stones from the mines. My friend Linda found beautiful rocks and even an old washbasin, worn by years and years on the ground. The rocks had great colours and the nature was fabulous.

Linda with the washbasin
Rocks from the mine with great colours
Beautiful scenery with myrull
Red rock - burnt oxide red

Painting on holiday

Being away from my studio is always a challenge. I find it hard not to be able to paint, so here I make a temporary studio.First when I was alone here, I used the end of the dining table in the living room. But when my husband arrived, I moved out into the barn. There it is dark and very windy. In order to have some light, I must have the door open, with the result that the strong wind drafts right through. It gives the palette a lift, and suddenly it is on the floor or on me! So I can’t paint every day. But, when I do, I concentrate on a few colours and a steady palette. However, this is holiday!

My painting place inside. Ready to go.
My studio in the barn.

Our cabin used to be the mountain hut to where the farmers down in the valley took their cows in the summertime. It goes back to the 17th century, so naturally there has been a lot of improvements and restoring during the years. Since the farmers stopped with the summer farming, the nature grows and the trees comes back. We try to keep the ramparts free from bushes and trees, but it is a lot of work.  And it continues. And we have to take care of the house as well. Today my husband is repairing one of the corners of the house. I am so happy he is handy.

Tore is repairing the corner of the house.

A week ago there was a lunar eclipse, and we were lucky to be able to see it here. The picture below is taken 11:30 pm!

And I will finish this post with a view of the cabin and our living room.

Lunar eclipse, måneformørkelse.
Our cabin
Our living room

One more thing: My painting courses start in  September. Beginners Tuesdays from 11- 14.

Advanced: Wednesdays  from 11 – 15. Tuesday 17th, and Wednesday the 18th. You can read more on my homepage. Welcome!


  1. Kære Toril fantastisk at læse om jeres skønne hjem i Røros. Hvor ser det dejligt ud. Vidste forøvrigt godt, at du havde det sted, hørte jeg fir rigtig mange år siden. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor vi/jeg aldrig nåede at se ig besøge dig der. En helt igennem dejlig blog/historie du nu starter. Kh til dig/jer. Arne Holte

  2. @arne holte Takk så mye for din hyggelige kommentar. Jo dette er et herlig sted som vi har hatt i mer enn 70 år. Dessverre kom Sissel og dere aldri hit. Men det er fortsatt mulighet.

  3. ☺Hyggelig lesing og fine bilder, Toril!

    • Takk for hyggelig kommentar, Inger.

  4. Så koselig lesning og fine bilder Toril! Små rolige og ettertenksomme glimt fra fjellet og en fin inspirasjon til oss andre =)

    • Takk for hyggelig kommentar, Merete.

  5. For et vakkert sted du har Toril Jeg skjønner godt at du og Tore stortrives her !❣️ God klem fra Vigdis

    • Ja, her er det godt å være, Vigdis. Takk for hyggelig kommentar.



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