Many impressions

So here is a carousel of pictures (I am very proud that I managed to make this) from the local market. Every Wednesday there is this market where everybody gather to eat and chat and shop. All sorts of food, clothes, gadgets, hardware and software, even grilled grasshoppers, larvae, live birds and dogs. You name it, it is there. Her you can eat a good meal for very little money.

Lazy days

Being in this environment with long, sandy beaches, warm weather and sun every day, I get lazy. I read books, we go to the beach, have a swim and a sunbath.  And if I am lucky, I find something that challenge my imagination. When ever I walk in nature, I look for images. It may be a wall with paint falling off, it may be a rock that looks like a face, it may be faded colours on a wall, – it looks like a painting to me. For many years I have drawn on stones, stones that are round and smooth, but with some lines or pattern that I can build a drawing on. This I can sit and do while I listen to music or a good book. When I afterwards look at the result, I feel good to be able to put some little artwork on a stone. Here are the ones I made this week. Maybe this is something that you could do as well?

Some of the stones I have decorated. With ink.

People here in Thailand are mostly Buddhists. This means that one should respect the animals and not give them pain in any way. Here in Ch-am there are a lot of stray dogs. They lie around in streets and alleys, on the beach,….most of the time they are friendly and calm, but it happens that people get bitten. Unfortunately these dogs get a lot of puppies, and the dog population grows every year. However, I have heard that there has been created some dog sanctuaries, where they get castrated and cared for

There are also a lot of birds here, more than 9 000 species, very different from ours and with a lot of sounds we don’t recognize. But pigeons are everywhere. Mostly on the roofs and in the trees. One day on our way home from the beach we came across this lovely scene. Somebody cared more for the pigeons than usual.

Caring for a pigeon

Making art in the heat

As I said, I have been lazy. But then again, it is holiday, and then i must be OK to be a bit lazy. I have tried to make some paintings here, but I am not very satisfied with the result. But here you can see what I have done, many layers – and the result. If it will stay this way, I doubt.

First try
Second try
Third try
Fourth try. This is how it is now.

Thai food is art

Last night my husbond and I went to a seafood buffet at one of the hotels here. The Thai’s really know how to catch and cook seafood. There was small lobsters, tiger prawns, crabs, mussels, squids, sushi and a lot of other good things. The food stands were set up like artworks, many artworks actually. It was also happy hour, so when we ordered one glass of wine, we got two! Here are some of the artworks for eating!

Some of the seafood go on the grill
Everything can be eaten
Help yourself!
Looks great!
This is me with a delicious cup of chicken soup in coconut milk.

Not just lazy

As you may know, we are staying here for four weeks. We are lazy, yes, but not only. Every second day we do our one hour training programme, then a swim in the pool, and afterwards we meditate for half an hour. Then we are fit to meet the day and be lazy or go for a bicycle trip in the neighbourhood. For instance the fishing village where all the great seafood gets in. I will tell you more about that in the next blogpost.


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